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Indoor or outdoor, remodeling or brand new, G&S has you covered.


A construction project is a combination of planning, people, products, and services - all of which must come together at the right time and price to meet the client’s needs. As a builder or a contractor, we can be hired for any and all of the items below.

Design / Build

Our design/build process always starts by building a strong relationship with our clients. Using a general contractor such as G&S for design/builds is a great way to manage cost, quality, and overall efficiency. We work with the various trades, always having the homeowners best interest in mind. Backed by years of experience and a sincere care for our homeowners, you can be assured your home is in good hands with G&S Contruction.

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At G&S, we’ve seen a thing or two. Utilizing a mix of hard-earned construction wisdom, creativity, and determination, we help our clients transform their homes into all that they can be. We are driven to exceed expectations and are tip-top at managing projects. When you use G&S for your remodel, you can trust that the project will go smoothly and the results will look their very best.

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General Contractor

G&S construction is a master of craft. We have built homes of every shape and size. Whether you’re building a sleek modern ranch, or a rustic three-story cabin, G&S is able to accomodate any style. Our project management and client relation skills are unmatched. Teaming up with G&S is a delight and guarantees quality, efficiency, and beautiful home for years to come.

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Other Services

G&S can also be hired to facilitate any of the project types listed below:

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